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Sentri is a robust security platform, which is a perfect blend of information, technology and infrastructure.

Ways to Empower Users with Identity

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Identity can be used to authorize users and enhance the workforce of an organization. These days, organizations are using cloud technology to extend the access of the sensitive business resources, making the IT environment more user-friendly and employees more productive. Identity is making work environment more agile.

Here are some of the ways through which Identity is successfully empowering the users.

  1. Smart Work – Users are able to work in a better and smarter way as Identity is using the ability of Cloud applications to improve user productivity. For instance, Identity allows the user to access his data even while travelling and still ensures that the data remains secure. Cloud-first technology is increasingly used in organizations across various industries. Identity ensures that the work environment meets the needs of a global fast-paced workforce.
  2. Enhance Productivity – Identity removes borders from daily business processes and enhances the productivity of users and business. The work environment becomes collaborative while third-party contractors and business partners get involved. Identity automates the data access and password reset processes.
  3. Filling gaps between IT and the user – There is difference between the way IT operates and the way the user operates. Information Technology is responsible in keeping the data secure and ensures that the user and business follow the security policies and regulatory requirements diligently. Although the days of manually managing users and applications have gone by, organizations continue to struggle in managing user access and data. Identity removes user restrictions that limit organization’s growth. It secures the data and provides complete freedom to the user keeping a perfect balance between the two.

Sentri offers a unique line of products that focuses majorly on access management and identity governance which are developed using machine learning and intelligence technology. If you are interested to know how Sentri uses Identity in its products, email us at