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Sentri is a robust security platform, which is a perfect blend of information, technology and infrastructure.

Designing, Customizing, and Implementing Security Controls for Critical Applications

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Organizations make use of specialized resources to create security controls in order to safeguard their critical applications. The usual process is to follow a risk-based approach wherein the teams analyze and figure out the most high-risk activities in their work environment and design specific security controls to mitigate all critical risk-activities. And, in order to study the high-risk activities, the systems that support these activities are analyzed for better understanding of the need for security designs.

Security controls can be preventive or detective, and automated or manual. Here are the diverse types of IT security controls used in an organization.


  1. Preventive and Automated

a. System Configuration

b. Application Customization

c. Role-Based Access Control System Authorization

d. Segregation of Duties (SoD)

e. Identity Management

f. Electronic Badging System

g. Multi-Factor Authentication

h. Data Loss Prevention

i. HVAC and Humidity Controls

j. Back-up Power Generator

k. Fire Suppression

l. Security Access Camera

    2. Preventive and ManualPolicies / Standards   

a. Detailed Procedures

b. Specific Trainings

c. User Access

d. Request / Approval Form

e. Background Check

f. Change Advisory Board (CAB)

g. Employee Vacation

h. Company Trips

i. No Tresspassing Sign

j. Deadbolt Lock and Key

k. Employee Photo ID

      3. Detective and Automated

a. Fire Alarm

b. Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM)

c. Data Analytics – BENFORD Analysis

d. File Integrity Monitoring

e. Reporting Alerts

f. Database Triggers

g. Security Camera Footage

    4. Detective and Manual

a. Reports

b. Audit Logs

c. Periodic Access Reviews

d. Visitor Logs

e. Dusting for Fingerprints

f. Forensic Analysis

Designing, customizing, and implementing security controls is a tedious task to manage. Risk situations keep altering within the organization based on the internal and external work environment. Organizations can leverage Sentri capabilities to design and customize preventive and automated security controls based on their requirements. Automated security controls designed by Sentri eliminate the changes of human errors and provide the necessary protection against high-risk activities.

While the security controls are designed, it is important to know answers to the following questions. Once the questions are answered, all the important factors related to designing of the security controls have been carefully considered.

  • Who will hold the responsibility of performing the control?
  • When can the control be validated?
  • What are the different types of controls and control enablers to be used for a specific risk activity?
  • How will the control be managed?

Before the security controls are designed, it is also important to study the organization’s maturity to handle risk-based activities such as the presence of required infrastructure, manpower, and financial stability. This information provides clarity of the effectiveness of a certain security control on being implemented. At times, a quick risk-gap assessment also helps.

Sentri designs specialized reporting controls that helps the responsible authorities to monitor the processes and systems. We also provide products that have functionalities such as Segregation of Duties (SoD) which are part of the access controls. The SoD controls help ensure that no user can gain access privileges for every activity taking place within the process. Also, no user can attain the access rights to complete any particular transactions without any prior permission.

Sentri understands the existing conditions and future requirements of the organizations, based on which customized security controls are designed and implemented. Our SoD and critical access rules cover several business cycles and sub-processes of various ERP applications. Each activity is mapped to the entitlement which is further connected to the specific activities of each application.

Sentri understands its customers and realizes the importance of designing effective security controls. Our passion and deep knowledge of business process control and application security control has empowered us to create security controls matching the needs of our end-users.

About Sentri

Sentri is a one-stop solution to all your IAG (Identity Access Governance), IRM (Integrated Risk Management) and GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) requirements. Our Intelligent Enterprise Identity Platforms are built to provide holistic data protection against data breaches, identity thefts, and financial frauds. We realize the value of a robust IT landscape, which acts as a strong spine for any business. To nurture the businesses, we offer path-breaking customizable access solutions that empower identity management, securing apps and data infrastructure for cloud and on-premise platforms.

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