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Sentri is a robust security platform, which is a perfect blend of information, technology and infrastructure.

Five Reasons to love Sentri Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a way by which applications are delivered to the internet. Despite having similarities, SaaS is quite different from the traditional software model. It is a method of software delivery that allows data access from anyplace and anytime provided there is internet connectivity. Through this model, software providers can host and maintain servers, databases, and application codes. Hence, this technology acts as a savior for the software vendors and is widely in use today.

SaaS applications are sometimes called web-based software, on-demand software or hosted software. The provider can manage access to online applications, including security, availability, and performance.

Sentri SaaS is typically recommended for small and medium enterprises as they offer multiple benefits at low costs. Companies can now opt to rent information technology just like we sign up for mobile network services on rent. Apart from being a simple service of “Pay-as-you-go” access, SaaS offers various facilities such as:

  • Delivery of complex applications to consumers
  • Delivery to a single application or integrated suite of software to businesses
  • Delivery of a suite of applications suited to a particular type of business

In recent days, the industry is developing and promoting cloud computing, which is related to data and applications in the cloud. We feature five major reasons that will make you favor Sentri Software-as-a-Service

Here are some of the ways through which Identity is successfully empowering the users.

  1. Reduce Deployment Time from Months to Days At Sentri, we help users provision the server for the cloud and have the application ready for use. This cuts the time for user provisioning to benefit and accelerates prototyping & demonstrations, reducing the deployment time from months to days.
  2. Adios to Upgrades SaaS can ease the pain of ERP upgrades. With Sentri, going for system upgrades is never going to be tough on your applications. No more getting stuck with vintage versions, and what’s more, when you’ve got greater control over providing access.
  3. Adios to Upgrades – Reducing the client’s cost is one of the priority tasks for any vendor. With a lot of quality time and support invested on the implementation, Sentri GRC helps clients get off the ground, and have your system live much faster, becoming even smoother.
  4. Additional space for IT With the SaaS support provided by Sentri, clients, managers, contractors, agents, and staff have greater flexibility, ease of use with the required controls in place. Taking your freedom to a whole new level, your business will be more efficient with SaaS.
  5. Sentri solutions now anytime, anywhere No one knows your workflow better than we do. Our SaaS support helps maximize what the product can do for you because you can build it to your specific needs. With mobility and focus, you can work wherever you are.

 Sentri is a one-stop solution to all your Access Governance and Access Management (IAM) requirements. Our Intelligent Enterprise Identity Platforms are built to provide holistic data protection against data breaches, identity thefts, and financial frauds. We realize the value of a robust IT landscape, Rolex imitation watches which acts as a strong spine for any business. To nurture the businesses, we offer path-breaking customizable access solutions that empower identity management, securing apps and data infrastructure for cloud and on-premise platforms.