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Sentri is a robust security platform, which is a perfect blend of information, technology and infrastructure.

Sentri for SAP S/4 HANA SOD

What we offer

The Segregation of Duties application is designed to ensure that there are proper checks and balances built in a security model to prevent fraud and keep a surveillance on the activities of individuals. With the added flexibility of ad-hoc reporting an enterprise can create, save, and email critical reports as per its requirement.. SENTRI has had success in helping its clients strengthen their SoD using SoD monitoring tools. These products are designed to detect, analyze and manage risks of SoD conflict. They automate review of access to sensitive transactions violations of complex, role-based authorization rules.

  • Detects and reports SOD conflicts
  • Keeps sensitive data secure from thefts or breaches
  • Simple & interactive user interface that can be used at all managerial levels
  • Prevents SOD violations and stops recurrence.

Defining, analysing, and monitoring user roles and responsibilities is essential as its impacts business processes and set SOD (Segregation of Duty) rulesets accordingly. Tracking and remediating access misuse and SOD violations is imperative. SENTRI for INFOR allows users to carry out SOD monitoring across all connected and disconnected INFOR systems. It generates alerts every time a violation is observed and helps management take necessary actions.

SENTRI for INFOR allows system administrator to automate and manage the tedious task of access provisioning and de-provisioning effectively. This is a continuous process which involves managing user roles and responsibilities during the period of entry and exit of an employee in an  organization. The tool assists in the detection of alteration of an employee’s role or location and makes the process easier and speedier.

  • Better Identity Access Management
  • Faster and better Onboarding and offboarding experiences
  • Manages user roles and access permissions effectively
  • Saves time, cost and energy.

Many a time an employees’ productivity is hampered due to delay in the process of access requests, password change etc. SENTRI for INFOR provides the functionality of Self-Service Access request which gives the user necessary freedom of simultaneously managing the work permissions and keeps the sensitive data secure from any potential breaches. Every time an employee makes an access request, an alert is generated so that  the existing/new role and access permissions of the user can be analysed for segregation of duty conflicts, and the need for requested access permissions may be made based on the analysis and an informed decision can be arrived at on grant of permissions to the user by the manager immediately. This functionality offered by SENTRI eliminates the need for paper-based or email-based approvals and speeds up the approval process thus enhancing the employee’s productivity.

  • Enhances employee productivity
  • Eliminates need for paper-based approvals
  • Reduces employee’s and manager’s time and efforts for approvals
  • Empowers review of the existing access permissions.

SENTRI for INFOR helps the management in ad-hock, quarterly and half yearly certifications to certify access to INFOR module. This tool increases the visibility towards the certification process

allowing the manager / management to make timely response. This prepares the organization for any business emergencies and enables workflow integration.

  • Enhances employee productivity
  • Always keeps the entitlements updated
  • Enables faster and efficient response to access violations
  • Regularizes the process of access certification

To mitigate Segregation of duties, organizations need to invest a lot of time and energy  and SENTRI for INFOR uses proprietary algorithm with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence especially “Outlier Detection” technique which skims through all the business transactions and identifies the transactions that  violated business segregation of duty rule. Enterprises need have no worry about the strict SoD security design or stringent access assignments to business users anymore; SENTRI access violation manager monitors all the conflicting transactions.

  • Identifies potential Segregation of Duty conflicts
  • Detects and mitigates access violations
  • Guarantees transparency in all business transactions
  • Enforces security policies across systems and applications


Offers a fully-integrated powerful ERP software suite that provides a variety of database and deployment choices to the user.



Works on various platforms such as on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and so on.



Provides specialized capabilities such as end-user reporting, user personalization, combined with strong industry-wide functionalities.