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Sentri is a robust security platform, which is a perfect blend of information, technology and infrastructure.

How to secure your Workday Application Security

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Every company holds a crucial set of data that is meant to remain secure and confidential. For instance, employee related information, their performance reviews; payroll related information, timesheets, and so on, is important for the smooth functioning of the organization. Organizations that use Workday to manage their data always have concern on data integrity since it is hosted in a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure. In this article, we will discuss about ways to secure the Workday application for organizations.

Workday is a cloud-based platform that uses a shared security model. This means, Workday takes care of some aspects of security, while customers are in charge of the security of other aspects. Here are the main aspects that Workday takes care of:


  • Data Isolation – Workday data is stored on multi-tenant servers that Workday itself owns and operates. Hence, Workday very well takes care of secure the customers’ data and keeps them well-isolated.
  • Data Encryption – Workday encrypts all customer data in order to make it difficult to decipher in the case of data breach
  • Login Security – Workday supports various types of logins on the applications on its platforms such as Single Sign-on (SSO), LDAP, and SAML.


There are some aspects whose security is the user’s responsibility. However, automated security can help users with the same.

  1. Access Controls – Having the right setting for access controls on Workday applications is the most important responsibility of the user. Therefore, users need to be careful regarding the access controls. The best way is to give minimal access rights which are enough to get the tasks completed. For instance, give “view only” access rather than “manage” access. Sentri Segregation of Duty and Sensitive access monitor tells the IT manager and auditors where your risk falls from an access governance perspective.
  2. Negative Testing – The objective of testing is to identify bugs, security vulnerabilities, and other malfunctioning features across the Workday application. In order to manage this well, it is important that the applications should be used to their limits. Users try out all activities whether or not safe; however, testing should be ahead of users to sort of the possible scenarios keeping the system safe no matter what the user tries to do.
  3. Periodic Access Review – Organizations must conduct periodic access reviews during which random set of employees’ access privileges are checked. This is essential to keep manage access permissions, avoid access violations and prevent confidential data breach.
  4. Auditing & Compliance – As the system is dynamic, regular auditing and compliance should be carried out in order to keep the organization’s security in check. This ensures that adequate steps are taken to keep the data secure and access permissions controlled.

Sentri for Workday offers an advanced version of access monitoring systems that showcases the status of the Workday access with the help of intelligence technology. All the complex inbuilt relationships between domains, business process, security groups, organization types, positions, roles, actions and security policies, are managed well just under one click. Sentri for Workday controls the access lifecycle and offers clarity about which role requires what access rights within an organization.

Sentri offers the kind of proactive security that you are looking for. It ensures complete security to the various Workday applications. Now you no longer need to check the access controls for users, or involve yourself in negative testing of applications; Sentri for Workday will perform all of this for you, and provide you a secure work environment.

About Sentri

Sentri is a one-stop solution to all your IAG (Identity Access Governance), IRM (Integrated Risk Management) and GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) requirements. Our Intelligent Enterprise Identity Platforms are built to provide holistic data protection against data breaches, identity thefts, and financial frauds. We realize the value of a robust IT landscape, which acts as a strong spine for any business. To nurture the businesses, we offer path-breaking customizable access solutions that empower identity management, securing apps and data infrastructure for cloud and on-premise platforms.

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