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Sentri is a robust security platform, which is a perfect blend of information, technology and infrastructure.

Benefits of using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Cloud Projects

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Companies always fear that any data uploaded online is not safe; hence, they opt to apply cloud security to all their cloud deployments. Thanks to some software advancements, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is able to help enterprises secure their cloud projects. In this blog, we will look at some amazing reasons why using AWS is beneficial for the organizations.

Security is a major concern for any business when implementing cloud projects. It allows companies to understand the risks involved and measures to mitigate the risks. The cloud security objectives include confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, accountability, liability and privacy.

Here are some risks related to cloud security that every company faces:

  1. Loss of Intellectual Property: Companies store confidential information on online databases. Hence, when a cloud service is breached, cybercriminals tend to gain access over sensitive information leading to the loss of intellectual property. There is a risk in maintaining ownership of company data.
  2. Compliance Violations and Regulatory Actions: Companies operate some kind of regulatory control on their sensitive information. They need to know who has access to what and what is being protected.
  3. Losing Control over end-user Actions: When companies do not have control over the access permissions of their employees, the employees are able to misuse the company information present online. This is a very common risk faced by companies today.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is known to have provided flexibility, scalability, and reliability to its customers since several decades now. However, while companies implement the solutions, they also have security concerns. AWS allows companies to understand the risks involved and provides measures to mitigate the risks. There are several reasons for companies to opt for AWS as a solution for data security and for managing governance, risk and compliance (GRC) related issues. Sentri offers a solution exclusively for the AWS platform.

  • AWS empowers Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Sentri for AWS is an access governance solution that is powered with AI and machine learning capabilities. This enables the organization to innovate at a faster pace based on the requirements of their customers.
  • AWS enhances the risk-tracking ability of the system and fastens the disaster recovery and availability. Sentri for AWS allows proper employee access provisioning and de-provisioning, which keeps the access permissions on the check and keeps the sensitive data safe and secure.
  • AWS is customizable and provides the right type of flexibility to its users. Sentri for AWS offers self-service access requests to the employees, which eliminates the need for paper-based or email-based approvals.
  • AWS has a lower deployment time. Sentri for AWS offers deployment time in days rather than months. The machine-learning capability makes AWS a faster model of deployment.

About Sentri

Sentri is a one-stop solution to all your IAG (Identity Access Governance), IRM (Integrated Risk Management) and GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) requirements. Our Intelligent Enterprise Identity Platforms are built to provide holistic data protection against data breaches, identity thefts, and financial frauds. We realize the value of a robust IT landscape, which acts as a strong spine for any business. To nurture the businesses, we offer path-breaking customizable access solutions that empower identity management, securing apps and data infrastructure for cloud and on-premise platforms.

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