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Sentri is a robust security platform, which is a perfect blend of information, technology and infrastructure.

A Practical Approach to Resolve Audits and Compliance

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Thanks to technology, with a combination of the right programs and automated tools, it is easier to prepare for audits and compliance checks more than ever. Unawareness about the audit checklist can lead to grave mistakes which can cause bigger financial trouble to the organization. The company can incur loss of money and reputation. It is important for an organization to address the compliance issues before they turn into irreversible blunders.

Audit planning requires solid management, the right tools, and proper communication. In this blog, we will look at some best practices to help organizations prepare for their upcoming audit. We will discuss some practical approaches to create an effective audit and compliance strategy.

To begin preparing for an audit, it is important to conduct several internal audits before the final one. This helps to gather adequate evidence about all the gaps present in the systems that need to be worked upon. The objective of an audit is to assess the effectiveness of the system and the internal controls, in order to mitigate risks and achieve complete confidence with application security and compliance.

While taking care of the do’s and don’t’ of audit and compliance checks, Continuous Controls Monitoring is of great significance. It helps in risk management, cost reduction, and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizations’ functions. The overall risk involved is reviewed through the audits, self-assessment and controls assessment.

Sentri offers Segregation of Duties monitors to assess the part of “who has access to what”. This ensures that the systems and applications are secure to use and that the organization is ready for future audits and compliance checks.Sentri has developed with state of art AI technologies and consider as next-generation Identity Governance and Administration (IGA).

Sentri offers next-generation automated tools that also takes care of employee access/identity provisioning and de-provisioning and features the self-service access request in a compliant way. In both these features, the tool helps managers to monitor any unauthorized access and keeps the confidential data secure while preventing any possible attempts of data breaches and hacks.

Overall, it is crucial to take care of data security no matter how big or small the organization is. Whether new or well-established, every organization must be well-prepared for the internal and external audits.

Sentri is a one-stop solution to all your IGA (Identity Access Governance), IRM (Integrated Risk Management) and GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) requirements. Our Intelligent Enterprise Identity Platforms are built to provide holistic data protection against data breaches, identity thefts, and financial frauds. We realize the value of a robust IT landscape, which acts as a strong spine for any business. To nurture the businesses, we offer path-breaking customizable access solutions that empower identity management, securing apps and data infrastructure for cloud and on-premise platforms.

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